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SUPPORT: POP3 Email Issues


We are currently aware of an issue affecting users who connect using BT Openworld as their ISP causing intermittent unavailability of email via POP3.

We believe that this issue is caused by a change to the BT Openworld services and this does not appear to be an issue with any of our services or within our control. The issue is caused as POP3 connections to our mail server are not being terminated and this causes the inbox for the account to be locked preventing any further connections. All cases of this issue that have been reported have found to be by users connecting using this ISP and we are able to connect without problems using other providers.

Any clients attempting to access mail via POP3 who are prompted to re-enter their password when they know this is correct should take the following steps if they require urgent access to their email:


  1. Remove the account in question from your email client, so that the account is no longer accessed via POP3
  2. Setup the account in your email client using the IMAP protocol. Please note that as default accessing an account via IMAP leaves mail on the server (the inbox in your client will show the inbox on the server)
  3. Submit a helpdesk ticket containing the email address(es) of any accounts affected - Once we have received your ticket, we can clear any existing locks in place on your account, after which you will be able to access your mail via IMAP as above.

Clients using BT Openworld internet access may also wish to try temporarily connecting using another ISP if available to see if this resolves the issue. As above you will also most likely need to submit a help desk call requesting that we clear any locks on the account caused by open connections.

Please remember that you can always access your email online using the address



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