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Government Web Site Accessibility


Since October 2004 it has been law to ensure that your web site complies with the Disability Discriminations Act. There are three levels of compliance A, AA and AAA. Each business is required to take reasonable steps to comply with the legislation, for example a small business would be expected to comply at Level A while a government body or large public limited company may be expected to comply with Level AAA.

We at Tyler Lewis have a track record of developing web sites that comply with not only Level A of the Accessibility Guidelines, but also Level AA. We have developed web sites to these standards for several Council funded projects, throughout the Northwest and particularly in Blackburn & Darwen and Bolton.

The following article on the BBC web site makes for interesting reading. To summarise, the article states that according to the University of Southampton, 60% of Government web sites do not conform to W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium) Standards for HTML and a similar proportion fail accessibility tests and may prevent some individuals from being able to access their web sites.

If you are interested in finding out if your web site meets the minimum accessibility standards please fill out a form to request a FREE legal accessibility check up.


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