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Server Upgrade


In line with our efforts to consistently provide the most feature-rich service possible, we are intending to begin the process of updating our service to PHP5.x to make available extensive new features this provides following a successful trial that began in May on one of our systems. To this end the remainder of our servers will be updated to PHP 5.2 over a 2 week period starting July 24th 2007.

The vast majority of client scripting should be unaffected by this upgrade however all users are asked to ensure that any PHP code in use on their accounts is updated to the latest secure version available from the script's developers, as some out-of-date scripts may function unexpectedly under PHP5. Users who have developed their own scripting may wish to read through PHP's migration guide dealing with script compatibility to ensure their code will function correctly under PHP5, this is available here:

If any users are aware of specific issues with their scripting that will prevent it from functioning correctly under PHP5 and no update for the script in question is possible, please let us know by submitting a helpdesk ticket before 23/07/2007 providing as much detail as possible on the script in question and if available the specifics of the script's code which you expect not to function correctly under PHP5, and we will attempt to advise you.


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